How do I know if I am a fit for this salon?

I find If you have read the words on this page, and they both scare you and excite you all at once, you're a fit.

You'll know it's absolutely for you, if you're thinking it's exciting and impossible.

I'm here to help you lean into, and solidify, a new normal.

Remember - we're creating miracles. I'm here to support you while you do that. And it's going to feel scary doing something so brave.

Book in to speak with me, and let’s see what we can create together in our coaching session.

How long do the calls go for?

Each call will be held on video Zoom, which means we will be face to face online, and they will be approximately 1.5 hours.

I always allocate 2 hours for a call however, because I value coaching on insight more than on time. So if we are deep in discussion about something, we will go "over time" occasionally.

If you have a job, a business, or something else that makes this time difficult for you, but you are still in as a hell yes, I want to invite you to see this as an opportunity to start setting some new boundaries, and asking for exactly whathwat you want in this life.

Some of my clients get up in the middle of the night to attend calls, and others have made agreements with their employers to take a couple of hours off each week - explaining the benefits of what this will do for them. It may require you getting creative, but the deeper you commit to this, the more you will get out of it.