6-hour Intensive coaching session
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Clear the decks. Start afresh. Make it count. And renew your trajectory with a deep intensive session. It’s like a personalised Hayley-style retreat.

In hours.

Are you repeating the same patterns over and over even if they’re not serving you? Do you know what you’re meant to do, but just can’t get there? Does it feel like sometimes you’re backed up against the same wall? Are you ready to play bigger and to take on the support of someone who can see what you can’t so you can quickly improve?

Renew is my signature personalised intensive coaching package designed to rewire and retrain your mind to do what you want, in a short burst of intensive time with me.

Humans are creatures of subconscious repetition. We repeat what we know. So unless something major happens to shake up and reprogram the way you naturally do things, you’ll be doing the same things and asking the same questions you are today, in ten years time.

Now is the time to face whatever is holding you back – with the ultimate support of working with a specialised breakthrough coach.

This dive-deep session will give you:

  • INSIGHT into how and why you do what you do so you can discover, hit and stay at your peak from now on
  • unique TOOLS to release your negative programming and rearrange your subconscious conditioning on the spot – because change is easy, when you know how
  • an amazing way to have a different EXPRESSION of the same physical reality everyone on the planet has to work with
  • lots of COOL side-effects like removing anxiety, embracing public speaking, conquering phobias, quitting addictions, letting go of decades of hurt, learning to be a winner and having an orgasm for the first time in life (or better ones)
  • a high-impact STRATEGY for achieving what you dream of doing without limits or paralysis by fear
  • no more EXCUSES for self sabotage or inner conflict.

The Renew experience

This 1:1 deep coaching experience is an expansive, life-changing catalyst. It’s perfect for you when you’re ready to invest your whole self. Your time, money, heart, mind, energy, honesty and willingness – to make a big change in a small window of time. Whether you’re fixing one problem or upgrading your whole life, getting to the core of what’s blocking everything is the difference that makes the difference.

Together, you and I will discover all the things you can’t see for yourself, and swiftly remove what’s not serving you any more.

The Renew experience takes place in my beautiful home of Byron Bay, a place of deep, life-affirming change. During our time together, we will breakthrough, map out, release, heal and re-program you to give flight to your dreams and unravel the knots you’re working through.

The magic though, is in the deeper conditioning that I will uncover for you. Total life upgrade is often a cool side-effect of the Renew session, because once we start unleashing your blocks, we can start to clear your biggest sabotages.

The intensive work will take place over 2 half-days. You’ll also be able to soak up some spa goodness, a yummy dinner, and plenty of time to yourself to integrate the work we have done.

This experience will feel like you have been whisked away to another dimension, and returned clean.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. 2 x half days of intensive private mindset coaching (total of 6 hours).
  2. Basic NLP training and training in my unique personalised method to getting anything you want – the deliberate creation method.
  3. 3 months ongoing support, including 3 x 30 minute follow up calls to ensure you are on track and totally aligned with where you’re going.
  4. Digital support in the form of meditations and other unique recordings for your ongoing training, support and practice – so you can continue making changes once the work with me is complete.
  5. Lifetime access to my private Facebook community where you can connect with other likeminded folk for the rest of time.

* If flying to me is not a possibility, you are also welcome to take a tailored version of the Renew session online ($3200 AUD). We will meet over 4 sessions via Skype. All your sessions will be recorded, and you will have access to all the online materials to continue your growth and support.

Price: $4,999 (AUD)

Payment Plan: $1850 ( x 3 monthly payments)

I am so grateful that I could myself the gift of you, that I listened to the little voice that made me sign up for your newsletter and eventually reach out to sign up for an intensive session with you. I’ve had a bad experience with a so-called “life coach” before and although I was a little hesitant, somehow I knew we’d vibe. And I was right because your kind, gentle straight talk and your sense of humour was the perfect mix to guide me through the breakthrough and all the shit that came up afterwards. You gave me practical examples which made my left brain happy and you brought enough woo/magic/creative language to please my right brain. Thank you Hayley for being my guide during this time. I will always be grateful to you.

Tracy Ashworth

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

After just one session with Hayley my time management improved out of sight. Considering this was something I had struggled with since high school my new found skill allowed me to be better organised and prepared for the day ahead, bringing with it an improved working efficiency and a new found confidence.”

Natalie Byrnes

Sydney, Australia

I cannot thank you enough for inspiring me to become the woman I was always meant to be.  I am filled with so much love & gratitude right now that I feel like I might explode in pink & gold glitter. am now in the middle of my first day at my dream job, HOW AWESOME IS LIFE?!!!!!!

Michelle McLaren - Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Having tried psychology for several years, I felt there were still some issues that I couldn’t quite shake.  I didn’t know why, I just knew I wasn’t happy. Many areas of my life were confusing me and I was finding it very difficult to let go of my failing relationship.  After just one session of NLP with Hayley, I was able to let go of years of depression and actually wake up and see what was going on.  I was finally able to stand up for myself and have no problem saying ‘no’ to people.  I now feel much more confident in social situations and in making new friends.  I got rid of all my friends who were destructive and only allowed positive people into my life. I’m now surrounded by a group of amazing people who make me smile every day.


New York, USA

Hayley gave me a roadmap back to health. But more than that, she gave me a safe place to explore what I needed when I felt most vulnerable. She gently pointed me back to north on my own path to healing.

Thank you Hayley for all your wisdom, gentleness and support! You’re a super-star coach in my book

Nicola Newman

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Working with Hayley has been a life transforming experience. Proof that coaching can change your life includes my own experience of being absolutely terrified of flying– where I’d have to go interstate for work but would be so anxious I would be sick or require medication to fly… to being able to fly to Europe, and medication free.

Allanah Campton

Sydney, Australia

With her amazing insight, knowledge and ability to just ‘get it’, she swiftly removed blocks I didn’t even know were holding me back. In essence, she liberated me from the bullshit, and empowered me to really live life on my own terms, which has enabled me to start kicking some serious goals whilst fulfilling my creative spirit.

Gaynor Alder

Victoria, Australia

I am so glad I took the chance & got in contact with you 🙂 I don’t mind being as open as I can with you because you totally understand.

Sharon O’Sullivan

Ireland, United Kingdom

I will be forever grateful that I have the opportunity and privilege to have you in my life and for you giving me the courage to realise that I CAN DO IT.

Michelle Best

Victoria, Australia

It’s Like I never Smoked.

Julian Wills

Sydney, Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I expect results?

While I can’t predict how fast you will engage in the insights we uncover in our session and take action (which is what will lead to many results), you will see a new perspective, and some deep change right away. If what you are working on will require some time to see results, you can expect the results as fast as you can take action.

Can I do the session in person?

If you happen to be around the same city and country as me, you are most welcome to do the session in person. However, I have found the results are the same, online or not.

How do the Skype sessions take place?

Once you sign up for The Power of One (Open Session), you will be sent an email with all the details you need to connect on Skype, including a booking schedule where you can slot in your session, and find out what to do to prepare.

Do you offer a refund?

Here’s my freedom-fuelled guarantee:

I will show up to our session with 100% integrity, honesty, presence and perspective. I will deliver the best of what I have to give, tailored to exactly what you need. I am dedicated to your success, and, being the type of coach I am, I am willing to lead you to lasting change, and say what many others do not dare say to their clients, for fear of losing them, or not being liked.

Your responsibility is to show up with an open mind, and a curious heart. Ready for whatever is about to come, and with all intention to implement immediately, knowing that sometimes, results take time.

Due to the nature of coaching, I cannot make guarantees on your success, because I am not you. I am not the one who will go away and take action with what you now know. However, I do know that the work I do can make huge change when applied.

If however, at the end of our session I know what we did will not help you, I will offer you a full refund. When I first get to know you and what you’re looking for, I will also gladly refer you to someone else if I don’t think I can help you. Aside from this integrity-loaded guarantee, no. I do not offer refunds for this kind of work.

When can we start?

As soon as you sign up, you will be sent an email with all the details of how to book in your appointment with me. It could be as soon as tomorrow, but it’s usually within 1 week.


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