Adventure Mastermind of Travel & Transformation for Ambitious Women
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Fortitude is the most unique adventure you will ever embark on. It’s a turning point experience where you will be transported somewhere beautiful, with me, and a small sisterhood of other women just like you. Who are ready to make a transition to fulfilment and grace.

This training is a concoction of delicious fun, intense coaching, deep reflection and audacious adventure. You’ll come away with me to a private, exotic location and experience travel, and transformation, Hayley-style.

Think 1:1 coaching, group lectures in a gorgeous location, experiences you will never forget and a lifetime of fulfilment, created by the changes you’ll embody in a week away from your daily responsibilities. We’ll focus on the business of you – within a never-ending community of like-minded souls.

You’ll be fully supported before, during, and even after the experience with online community, virtual catch ups and ongoing classes. And you will return safely back to your world.. where nothing will ever be the same again.

They say change is like a holiday. This is the holiday that changes everything.

Come on an adventure with me that will change the way you look at the world forever.

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I had done a lot of personal development, and even had a career coach in the past.

Before the retreat I was confused, not really feeling like I had a purpose or understanding what that purpose was. I knew there was so much more potential in me than I was displaying, and a life that was just outside my reach. I knew there was a way to find out how to tap into that.

It was a last minute decision to come on this making retreat. The closest thing to my heart is that I can feel my relationships have changed. The very first night I felt safe, and deserving to fully say things I hadn’t said before. Going forward now knowing and feeling safe to have conversations, and to have the relationships and experiences in my life I always want dot feel deserving of.

I feel excited and adventurous of the choices and decisions I can make now without guilt, shame or any attachments. I’m free to make them, and clear – not just in my working life, but in my personal life, and sporting life. I can make them, feeling free.

I have learned a pathway to be able to reach my peak. Not only the pathway, but techniques to make sure the pathway is a joyous one. I’m doing it for the end feeling. It just makes it an enjoyable experience rather than feeling like an instruction. It feels as though all I can feel is what it’s going to feel like at the end.

This is what everyone should do before they go and do all that other coaching. This is the core of everything. Anything else is just icing on the cake because this is what makes the difference.

God only knows what would have happened had I not done this week. I would have kept repeating the same patterns and not understand really what was at the core of it all. This week allowed me to give myself permission to go for the bigger things and dream big, and let go of my old conditioning from the past

By lunchtime on the final day I had already said yes to an opportunity to work and study in my dream career – something I would never have allowed myself to do in the past. Since then, everything has skyrocketed – my career, my finances, and my relationships. I’m finally showing up as the woman I knew I could be.

If you’e thinking about doing this, you need to recognise that this little pull thats there, that one that says I think this is what I need – that’s your intuition saying you’re ready and it’s time. Just do it. Get to the edge of the cliff and jump. Hayley is your parachute – just jump.

Michelle McLaren

Brisbane Australia


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