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Get in control, lose 10 kilos, earn $270K / year.

Working with Hayley for the last 12 months has honestly changed my life and also changed what I believe my life can be, what I can have and what I’m capable of achieving.  My belief system has changed fundamentally from the work we’ve done and I now feel in control of my life, my choices and my outcomes, as well as knowing how to go about changing my world to achieve whatever goals I might set.

Hayley’s approach is very organic and is about making changes right at the core.  When I was ready to set some goals and work toward them, my whole approach was different than ever before because of the work we’d done .. and I achieved my goals easily, while embracing and enjoying the process!  In terms of outcomes, I have started my own business and changed my earning capacity from $150,000 per annum to $270,000 per annum, based on working the same hours as previously.  This has given me the ability and freedom to work from home part-time and still earn a very decent salary!  I also lost 10kg, improved my fitness and achieved my black belt in karate.

To anyone wanting to make lasting change in their world, both internally and externally, I would say definitely get on board with Hayley.  She is thoroughly knowledgeable on how to guide you forward and help you make positive change, as well as understanding, astute, caring, compassionate, supportive, approachable, accomplished and inspiring – she truly does walk her talk!  Working with Hayley is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sue Jolliffe

Sydney Australia

Performance Anxiety to Promotions

I’ve worked with Hayley on two occasions now. As a Sales rep and Muay Thai fighter I pride myself on reaching optimum levels in both my work life and sporting competition. I pride myself on my discipline and self-motivation, goal setting and high achievement.

Unfortunately along with that I suffered from performance anxiety.Nerves and self-doubt are often commonplace within Combat Sport, however, when it got to crippling levels and inhibited me from performing at my best, I knew I needed help. This was a hard thing for me to admit because I felt I was well equipped with the mental skill set to be able to deal with such situations, I’d read all the right books, I had achieved great things in the past, why was I not able to logically deal with this situation??

 From there it escalated into my work life which I have always been confident in. Enough was enough.

 Hayley was able to drill into the core of the problem and once identified was able to re-programme underlying limiting beliefs. From there I went on to compete in relaxed and confident state and aware of the physical response pre-fight I implemented the skills learnt from Hayley to conserve my energy for the fight. Of all 8 fights it was the best I had performed. Not long after that I was approached by the State Manager of my organisation and offered a promotion. (Really unexpected)

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to achieve the next level in the endeavour they choose to work with Hayley.She has an innate ability to communicate and unblock the limiting behaviour you may not even be aware you have.

Michelle Hutchison

Sales Representative, Sydney, Australia

Hayley cured my chocolate addiction

I loved chocolate and I didn’t seem to have that switch in my brain that told me to stop eating after a little bit. So I always ended up eating the entire block of chocolate. Then I felt miserable afterwards.

A friend of a friend told me they had seen Hayley.. and I was really interested to find out more.

Hayley is absolutely so professional and immediately made me feel comfortable (even though I thought my problem was so silly). She helped me to drop my addiction to chocolate immediately, but not only that, I really see myself now as on the track being much healthier, I feel much better about myself and I also eat much healthier.

Anyone that is struggling to achieve something or give up something they are addicted to this is definitely worth trying. I am more than happy to recommend Hayley to my friends and others (some friends have already seen her and see results for them too!)


Instant Shifts, Dream Job, Dream Salary, New mindset.

Amanda Bournazos

Sydney, Australia

From Victim to freedom

I began coaching with Hayley after attending her Peak Performance workshop in late November 2012. I came out of that workshop a different person. In three short days, I had let go of thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours that had been weighing me down for years, and felt I had complete control over the type of person I wanted to be and the things I wanted to accomplish. I felt happy, free and totally inspired.

Starting one on one coaching with Hayley was a no brainer after this. I wanted to keep this feeling moving forward, and I wanted to learn more about how to live at my best every single day. Having worked as a Personal Trainer for years, I know how important education and accountability are, and I wanted to make sure I was held accountable!

I’d lived too many years of my life as a victim, and with Hayley’s help, guidance and love, I was able to assume complete responsibility for my life and my happiness, and have finally started to move forward into the life I now know I deserve.

Working with Hayley has truly changed my life. I have since started my own coaching business, which is the most rewarding and inspiring thing I have ever done. I have a clearer understanding of what I want to do with my life, rather than what I’ve been told I should do, and I now see opportunity and possibility where before I only saw limitation.

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Hayley. Not only is she extremely passionate and knowledgeable, she really walks her talk, continually learning and expanding her life. Her generosity means everything she learns, I learn, and I continue to grow.

I have had the most incredible year of my life, thanks to Hayley. If you want the same, work with her. She’s amazing.

Finally Myself

Brooke Surtees

Sydney Australia

Clarity, energy, inspiration

Taking Hayley on as my life coach has been one of the best decisions in my life!! I went from being frustrated by my lack of success and direction to having a clear cut understanding of what I wanted to achieve for myself and how to get it! Hayley has also helped me become energy drink free and constantly keeps me motivated and inspired. She blew me away with her amazing insight, ability to tell it like it is and dedication to my success. I always come away from our sessions whether via email or skype with new energy and ideas excited about it all! I recommend Hayley 110% every session, every email is priceless! If you’re dedicated to getting life coaching Hayley Carr is the best no doubt about it.”

Vanessa Franks

New Zealand

How About a Montage

Letting go

Having tried psychology for several years, I felt there were still some issues that I couldn’t quite shake.  I didn’t know why, I just knew I wasn’t happy. Many areas of my life were confusing me and I was finding it very difficult to let go of my failing relationship.  After just one session of NLP with Hayley, I was able to let go of years of depression and actually wake up and see what was going on.  I was finally able to stand up for myself and have no problem saying ‘no’ to people.  I now feel much more confident in social situations and in making new friends.  I got rid of all my friends who were destructive and only allowed positive people into my life. I’m now surrounded by a group of amazing people who make me smile every day.


New York, USA


Hayley’s down-to-earth nature and genuine compassion met me where I was at on my path to healing. She didn’t judge but instead shared the steps she’s found from her own experience have worked to regain her vitality, energy and health.

The 4 simple steps she shared have transformed my health and thereby, my life.

These days I don’t freak out when my body whispers messages about what it needs, instead I’m learning to listen.

Hayley gave me a roadmap back to health. But more than that, she gave me a safe place to explore what I needed when I felt most vulnerable. She gently pointed me back to north on my own path to healing.

Thank you Hayley for all your wisdom, gentleness and support! You’re a super-star coach in my book

Nicola Newman

Sunshine Coast, Australia

More Time

After just one session with Hayley my time management improved out of sight. Considering this was something I had struggled with since high school my new found skill allowed me to be better organised and prepared for the day ahead, bringing with it an improved working efficiency and a new found confidence.

Toxic Relationships to Confidence + Man Of My Dreams

Natalie Byrnes

Sydney, Australia

Financial breakthroughs, freedom

I attended one of Hayley’s workshops and though I could see value was scared of the financial commitment of signing on to personal coaching. But within 6 months of starting with Hayley I was well over half way to achieving the financial goals I had set myself for the year, my attitude towards money had shifted and so too did my behavior – the money I spent on Hayley’s sessions well and truly repays itself many times over.

At the beginning of the program I set 3 goals: Finish my MBA, be financially free and do a pull-up (which symbolised living a fit and healthy lifestyle). Hayley has helped me achieve all these goals by giving me the tools to live my ultimate life, talk through hiccups, bumps and obstacles to achieving these goals and when necessary give me a (loving) kick up the behind.

Since staring the program my attitude has shifted, a metaphorical weight was lifted off my shoulders and with it went the physical weight I was carrying, I got the pull up and am living a healthy happy life! I’ve also reduced my personal debts by almost $10, 000 in 9 months.

Hayley is an effervescent, life-filled, amazing, positive influence on my life, and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to break through crap holding them back, learn how to set and achieve goals and live their life – but more awesome!

Kylie Gillett

Sydney, Australia

Clinical Depression & Chronic Fatigue, Gone.

Elizabeth Carr

Best Year of My Life

What an experience the last 12 months of my life has been. This time last year I knew that I wanted to take myself to a new level in my business and in my personal life. I had looked around at other ways to get a boost, but when I started hearing so many success stories from people who had been working with Hayley, I knew that’s exactly who I wanted to be coached by. When I approached Hayley she was more excited than I was. Her word’s exactly “The next 12 months are going to be the best you have experienced”. Usually when people say that you think it is just talk, and I bet it’s just a one liner they use. NO WAY, not with Hayley.

After our first session she gave me a very basic, but simple plan to follow to start planting the seeds of success. After a few weeks we had a breakthrough session unlocking some limiting beliefs which I had stored in my subconscious mind which I had no idea about. I was then able to connect better with my two teams which I lead at work. One a full time team of representatives and the other are a team of around 65 volunteers. I have been shown ways to make drastic changes in only a few short minutes which has helped in all areas of my life. I achieved one of my top goals of winning a Karate World Title, by using the steps which Hayley had used to win her three World Titles, I had everything plan out right and got engaged to the love of my life and we are now planning on buying a house, and getting married all in the space of 9 months. The last 12 months have been literally The Best Ever.

If there is anyone wanting to take their life to the next level then Hayley and Elite Life is for you!! Not only will get fantastic coaching in your desired areas, but so much more. Hayley is full of knowledge, and no matter what she is always there for you. I’m so grateful to be working with such a wonderful, and charismatic coach.

Ashley Fleming

NSW, Australia , GKR Karate

Freedom from negative blocks

When I first got in touch with Hayley and asked her to be my coach I knew I was blocked and shut down, but I just didn’t realise quite how much and in how many ways.  Nor did I realise just how each of these blocks had its own negative impact on my life.  No wonder life wasn’t enjoyable for me at the time and things always felt hard!!  It was all my blocks and fears. Over our 6 months together Hayley helped remove all my blocks, and instilled me with many new empowering beliefs and behaviours. I’m now more on track than ever before with achieving my dream of running a successful coaching business and am much happier in my day to day life. I was initially hesitant about signing up for Hayley’s program as it stretched me financially.  But I knew what she could do for me was worth it, and by the end of the 6 months I was beginning to see the return on my investment in the way I was being treated by others, how I was treating myself, and how I was able to do things such as increase my coaching prices with total congruency. One of the biggest things I got from our time together was the wealth of resources Hayley shared with me, which will keep me on track for a long time to come – books, websites, and blogs. An inspiring and impressive coach I would recommend Hayley to anyone.

Greer Wignall

London, United Kingdom

Became a World Champion Despite injury

Sport, Finances, Relationship Success

At first it was only me who understood that I needed to make this investment in myself. From the outset, my life looked perfectly fine. But I wanted it to be ‘elite’. Hayley is such an amazing role model and example of what she teaches. Since working with Hayley I have won a karate world championship, healed relationships, made more money in one week than I had ever made in any week of my life. In fact, within 2 months of working with Hayley I was already earning a side income that was triple what I was paying for coaching.Hayley has facilitated the most powerful shifts I have ever made. She is a radiant professional and loving human being.

Rebecca Zammit

Sydney, Australia

From guilt to emotional freedom to productivity

One of the biggest things that’s enabled me to enjoy my day to day life even more, as well as be way more productive, is allowing my self time to chill and do what I want. I used to think that I had to be working or training every hour that I was awake.

If i didn’t I’d feel really guilty which would change my state for the rest of the day and stop me from being productive. Allowing myself to have a few selfish hours every day just to relax and not feel guilty about has really let me enjoy every day more.

When I do have to work or get stuff done I’m in a much better state to do so

And therefore I am way more productive now and what would take me all day before can be done in an hour or 2 now.

Paul Padda

London, United Kingdom

Confidence on the Court


Matt Andronicos

Professional Basketballer - Cairns, Australia

Bullsh*t Detection, Laughter & Epiphanies

Hayley Carr is my go to girl. Whether I need to talk through a relationship dilemma, make a potentially life changing decision or just want to talk through a business idea. I know I can always rely on Hayley to help me talk through the issue, gain new perspective, understanding and map a plan of action forward. I should probably give you a heads up though.. if you choose to work with Hayley, you better be prepared to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Hayley is a pro bullshit detector and has called me out on my bullshit loads of times. That’s the whole purpose of a coach though, right? Someone who is going to keep you accountable and hold you to a higher standard.
Hayley’s enthusiasm for life is infectious – she is one of the most inspiring, charismatic and funniest people I know.
Whenever Hayley is around you can guarantee laughter, epiphanies and delicious conversation.

Laura Forbes

Sydney, Australia

From Phobic of Spiders to Trekking the Amazon

Linda Ellis

Head Chef

Liberate Yourself for a Life on your Own Terms

Working with Hayley has been fabulous beyond words. With her amazing insight, knowledge and ability to just ‘get it’, she swiftly removed blocks I didn’t even know were holding me back. In essence, she liberated me from the bullshit, and empowered me to really live life on my own terms, which has enabled me to start kicking some serious goals whilst fulfilling my creative spirit. Every time I speak with Hayley, I am left feeling inspired, injected with her effervescent energy, brimming with confidence, and reconnected back to myself and what’s important. She has propelled me forward with her support, wisdom and guidance, and helped me to start living a truly fabulous life. And what’s more, working with Hayley has been so much fun.

Gaynor Alder

Editor-in-Chief , The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide

It’s As If I Never Smoked

Julian Wills

Sydney, Australia

I have been lucky to have had Hayley as a personal mentor for over 2 years now and during period I have been absolutely blown away by her passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to positively empower me to get genuinely incredible results in all aspect of my life.
Hayley’s coaching style is personal and individualised. She has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen in a person and genuinely cares about her clients, she is inspiring and just being in her presence makes you want to be the very best version of yourself.
Her enthusiasm and passion for life is infectious and she radiates that out to everyone she comes into contact with.
I’d recommend Hayley as a coach to anyone and everyone!
She will inspire and empower you to take control of your life, feel happy, confident and get amazing results.

When Hayley’s In The Room

Katie Pitsis - Coffs Harbour, Australia

Founder, Free Spirit Girl

Cancer of the body and mind

We all know that cancer affects the body, but in my case it mostly affected my mind. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in 2001, and on average, went through Chemotherapy once or twice per year. My life became a cycle. Put simply, it went: Cancer grows to an alarming level, undergo chemo, feel terrible, recover, live a few healthy months, cancer grows to an alarming level again, etc, the cycle continues.

You can appreciate the toll this took on my mindset and perspective on life. For years I was an avid goal setter, and was heavily involved in personal development and investing. But my cycle of treatment, recover, treatment, recover slowly beat this out of me. Any thoughts of the future terrified me. It conjured up images of not being around, leaving loved ones behind. The result was that I started to live my life on the day-to-day. Finding joy in the ‘now’. This of course is a great attitude in itself, but to never look forward meant I was living in a mental prison.

As the editor and lead writer of an International magazine and newsletter that both focus heavily on philosophy and success, I am immersed in Personal Development on a daily basis. Regardless, I was still paralysed by fear.

It was mid 2012 that Hayley Carr worked her magic on me…. and not for the first time I might add but that’s for another time. Hayley took the ‘blinders off’ and helped me to see the way I was living my life – ouch! With so many emotional walls built up over the years, this was no easy feat and no amount of personal development – often from the top speakers on the planet – had met any type of success.

With her knowledge, her skills, and her unique loving heart, she liberated me from my shackled life. I saw the World in a completely different light. Additionally, I felt completely different.

Today I have no issues whatsoever looking forward. I am excited about the prospects of marriage, children, investing, growing old and I see all this free from those inner demons.

I am forever in Hayley’s debt. Having been around seminars, speakers and Coaches for nearly two decades, I can promise you that Hayley is indeed unique. She has all the knowledge and skills as the top coaches I have seen. Beyond this however she has an incredible intuition to read people, which enables her to better lead people. This combined with a giving heart, not just words like so many others – because it sells, but a genuine care for others.

This is just one story of many I could share of Hayley. Irrespective of your starting point, I know with absolute certainty that Hayley will be able to take your life, your body, mind and soul to a place of inner joy, fulfilment, happiness and success.


Anthony Ryan, Central Coast, Australia.

International Karate Squad team Coach

Comfort-Zone Blown.

My biggest lesson was to let go. Let go of the expectations of the fear of the I can’t possibly do this. Through working with Hayley I began to see fear in a different light. I no longer feared fear I embraced it as a message from the universe, a sign that I needed to address something within me. Hayley helped me see that I could safely feel the fear and do it anyway and boy oh boy did doors open up for me then.
BEFORE WORKING TOGETHER...I was scared. I was small. I was living within my incredibly tight comfort zone quarters. I didn’t believe I was good enough. I didn’t believe I was loveable. I didn’t believe I was capable of anything. Hayley challenged me to be everything I am, to expand to see the opportunities as limitless. She encouraged me to believe in myself, to trust my voice, my intuition.
What scared you the most about working with Hayley? Woah! Change. Who wants to change? Life is so comfy in our right now place. Change means challenge, it means facing your fears. Peeling the layers back and getting raw and vulnerable. But as scary as saying hell yeah to Hayley was it was exactly what I needed to move forward and to claim a life of my dreams.
What was the best part about working with Hayley? Hayley is the worlds best cheerleader, you know this girl has always got your back. She doesn’t shy away from a smackdown when you need it, but she delivers it with love, presence and unconditional support.
If a friend were thinking of working with Hayley, what would you tell them? If you want to stop fear holding you back. If you want someone to support, guide and encourage your growth and expansion into a life you love. If you want to understand how you sabotage your own happiness and find ways to get out of your own way. If you want a life that feels free, light, joyous, limitless. Hit Hayley up, she’s your gal!
What makes coaching with Hayley a Hell yes? Experience. Love. Generosity. Understanding. Joy. Laughter. Fun. Hell yes to that!

Vanessa Millar – Perth, Western Australia

Body Love Coach

Managing Change Easily

Fiona Nelson

Sydney, Australia

Fear of Flying to International Holidays

Working with Hayley has been a life transforming experience. If you are:
– unsure about what you are doing with work or in a relationship, or
– unsure about how you are feeling,
– or you doubt yourself,
– or are scared of things like flying or public speaking,
– or generally feel like there is more to life and you want to live your life to the fullest..
..then Hayley can help you take control to live the life you want. It’s not intimidating, it’s a safe environment where I was able to learn and grow.
Proof that coaching can change your life includes my own experience of beingabsolutely terrified of flying– where I’d have to go interstate for work but would be so anxious I would be sick or require medication to fly… to being able to fly to Europe, and medication free.
Don’t hold back anymore and contact Hayley to discuss coaching- it changed my life and I’m very grateful for working with Hayley.
Having Hayley Carr as a coach is an incredibly rich experience that can help transform yourself to be whoever you want to be. From working with Hayley I have become confident and able to achieve things I never thought possible. I was unsure about what coaching involved but Hayley makes it a comfortable environment for me to be myself and set goals that can, and for me have, changed my life for the better. Thank you Hayley! I am Far more confident and happier than ever been in my life. Everyday is a gift and I’m so grateful for your love and support.

Allanah Campton

Sydney, Australia

Living My Dream – Recording an Album

Rebecca Zammit

Sydney, Australia

“Hands down the best thing I’ve ever invested in, in my life”


Marrickville, NSW

I’m No longer “Just a Mum”

Before I started with Hayley, I honestly just existed….I was a mother to my children, a wife to my husband, a daughter, sister, friend. BUT I truly did not know who I was and what made me tick. All I knew was that I was not a fan of myself and unless something changed I was not going to be a person that anyone wanted to be around due to my own insecurities and low self esteem….

I knew Hayley was right for me, when I saw her videos and thought she is one chick I would love to be mates with, she is silly and funny and doesn’t take life to seriously – someone I would love to be!

I was quite daunted to be honest before I started with Hayley, I had never talked to anyone seriously about myself and what my deep and darkest thoughts are…but Hayley was awesome, I felt comfortable talking to her and really learning about who I was and how to deal with the thoughts that were not helping me in any way.

Now I feel like a different person, some of the dark thoughts I had about myself are no longer there, I am a happier more confident person who strives to be positive, strives to be active, eat well and be a great rolemodel for my children.

I won’t lie, it is not roses everyday, but Hayley has given me the tools to help with the downer times, making them downer moments rather than days or even weeks.

I would recommend anyone to work with Hayley, she rocked my world and literally made my life amazing!

Love her long time.

Sharon Mumby