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Imagine if it was easy for you to succeed in every area of life you choose, exponentially, all at once?

Imagine if every day, you experienced pleasure in what most would consider mundane.

Where stress just isn’t a thing – even when you’re way outside of your comfort zone – you’re confident with yourself and what you’re doing there.

Imagine if your decisions weren’t influenced by what’s affordable, acceptable and appropriate, but by what feels really damn good and makes you feel alive.

Imagine living in alignment with everything you believe, and being rewarded for it.

Picture yourself going about your day with spaciousness. Time, energy and money to do what you want, when you want – and, all the support you need to make the big, important things happen.

Imagine being at the finish line – and not ever wondering, what if?.  

Imagine if you could make the impossible, possible, like, now.

If I could help you make the impossible your reality, what would that be worth to you?

I know you.

You may not even realise this, but you’re a really high achiever.

You’ve tasted success in the past – maybe through your early years, at work, or in a sport, or even just personally, doing something out of the norm and knowing it was brave – you know what it’s like to be on the top of your game and living at your full expression, even if it’s not 100% of the time right now.

You are a leader in what you’re doing. Not necessarily because you’ve been doing it for a long while, but because you’re influential. You know success if transferrable.

You are not lonely, often surrounded by people at times, but you often feel alone.

Others tend to look to you for advice, or for their fun, and someone to confide in with their problems, but you don’t have a lot of people in your life who are your rock.

You’re the type of person who has to really focus on celebrating your successes – because by the time you get to where you’ve dreamed about before – your eyes are already on the next prize.

You rarely feel satisfied, even by the big successes.

People often look to you with admiration, and tell you how inspiring they thing you are – but on the inside, you actually feel a little lazy. Your dreams are bigger than what they see right now.

You have visions of making a huge impact in the world. Through everything you do. You love to lead by example in the way you live, spend your money, make your money, make your decisions, love, take care of yourself, take care of others, and the legacy you want to leave behind – and you want to do more of this in your next venture.

You’re looking for your own way to get to your next level – you’re not interested in following the crowd.

You value space.

You want to have it all, but there’s a part of you that really wonders sometimes if it’s even possible

Something’s keeping you from taking the leap.

You’re looking for transformation – not more information.

You’re looking for your people. Your posse. A genuine crew of people who understand you, because they are also high achievers who everyone else turns to. You want to create connections in your life that last through the layers.

And right now, you’re ready to take the next steps towards playing bigger. But… even though you know it’s possible, it feels impossible.

Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s energy. Maybe it’s money or resource. Maybe you have no idea how.


Great, You’re in the right place.

I teach high achievers, leaders and lightworkers how to create Miracles

To look at what they think is impossible, drop their excuses and drop the past, and start creating a life that is fuelled by their own unique desires. A life where they get to max out their existence, and feel grounded in knowing it comes from a place deep inside them – not by the expectations of others. A life of freedom to up level at any time. A life that holistically embodies every part of them – so you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life or your career. In fact, everything gets better together.

When you embody a miracle mindset, you really can do the impossible.

// My client Ashley went from placing second in his Karate World Championship tournaments for almost ten years, to winning his first world karate Title, and increasing his business revenue by 40%, allowing him to buy his first home and propose to his girlfriend.

// My client Michelle was set on a dream job. When it wasn’t flowing, she took a step sideways from the career path she was feeling stuck in, and quickly fulfilled a lifelong dream she never thought she’d be able to do – become a qualified makeup artist, and work under one of the most prominent artists in the world. After a year of fun, she returned to her original goal to land her dream job. She now does her artistry work on the side, purely for pleasure.

//Rebecca made more money in one month than what she invested to work with me in helping her set up her coaching business and fill her workshops.

// Sue had an intention to get healthier. Not only did she lose ten kilo’s, she increased her yearly revenue from 150k to 270K working part time hours. She’s now started a second business sharing what she knows about being vivacious. She also now loves cooking – something she swore she’d never do!

// Amanda made the biggest proposal of her life and now works her dream career, and has the highest paid salary in the state for her position. As a single mum she’s able to take the best care of her kids, and herself, possible.

// Natalie realised she was in a toxic relationship. She found the courage to walk away, which also spurred her into a new career, and she is now married to the man of her dreams, and making more money in a month than she was making in a year.

// Coraline is a successful director of two different businesses. During our time together, she transformed her relationships, her wealth consciousness and her confidence to be able to have it all, without burnout. She now describes herself as the observer of her ‘A-type’ personality, rather than the victim, and continues to create miracles in her relationships and work life, marrying the two for exceptional freedom.

// Tracy transformed her perception of what she saw was a weakness into her greatest strength. She’s about to publish a best seller, and currently taking a few months off work to travel the world.

// Lachlan started doing all the things he avoided, and overcame his block around confidently promoting himself. He changed careers, landed his dream job with ease in a saturated market, and now runs a successful side gig fulfilling his creative passion of singing and performing on stage. He’s making more money then ever.

// Adelaide got centred, and got focused. She met her dream guy, bought her first investment property, and negotiated 2 years off work to travel the world. (They got married late last year). She’s now working in a career that gives her lifestyle freedom.

// Another client Jo has found her big “why” in her coaching business, and has been able to create a passive income which will allow her to tell her hubby that he can stop working this year.



All of these people have one thing in common. 

They are here to actualise their potential. 

Learning to be fierce (in mindset, and in heart) is how they got there. 

And now it’s your turn. 

There’s a lot of noise out there.

The world is spinning with ideas. There are heaps of them. And it’s easy to get sucked into thinking you need another one before you get to have your moment.

But ideas are non existent without implementation.

And implementation is impossible without conviction.

And conviction flails when you’re not aligned in head, heart and hand.












Hayley’s ‘tough love’ coaching is compassionate and direct. She has the special knack of cutting through any ‘story’ and getting right to the heart of the why, the problem, and back to my truth.

Sue Moore, Victoria, Australia

I have learned a pathway to be able to reach my peak. Not only the pathway, but techniques to make sure the pathway is a joyous one. I’m doing it for the end feeling. It just makes it an enjoyable experience rather than feeling like an instruction. It feels as though all I can feel is what it’s going to feel like at the end. 

God only knows what would have happened had I not done this work with you. I would have kept repeating the same patterns and not understand really what was at the core of it all. This allowed me to give myself permission to go for the bigger things and dream big, and let go of my old conditioning from the past 

If you’e thinking about doing this, you need to recognise that this little pull thats there, that one that says I think this is what I need – that’s your intuition saying you’re ready and it’s time. Just do it. Get to the edge of the cliff and jump. Hayley is your parachute – just jump

Michelle McLaren - Geelong, Victoria.

So how is this different?

I know first hand what it’s like to do whatever it takes and get to the top, and stay there. I also know what its like to feel stuck, when there’s a fork in the road, and feel like life is going nowhere. It’s more than frustrating, it hurts. 

After winning 9 Karate world championships, you’d think I’d have my shiz sorted in the “success” department. But actually, it was just the beginning of learning the pillars of the what I call, “the grey zone” . (Y’know, that state of flow where you’re so in it, you almost escape your body and it happens with ease and natural energy.)

The way I was creating my success back then wasn’t allowing me any space anywhere else. When I fell in a heap and burned out, with chronic fatigue Syndrome, my life changed completely.

I had to learn to heal my energy and my body from the inside out. How to Clarify my intentions and actions so I had energy that came from somewhere universal. I learned to trust in my intuition over and above anything else. To become my wisest mentor. To speak up, to stand out, and to stop focusing on anything I couldn’t control, and get on with the life I truly desired to live – a life that fuels me, instead of draining me – a life that felt almost impossible at the time. 

It required getting clear, and getting fierce.

Today, my work synthesises the power of both freedom and devotion in equal measure with my clients. The mindset, psychology and philosophies of becoming a nine-time Karate World Champion – turns out – are transferrable to success in business, health, love, and wealth. We cap that off with a serving of metaphysics, NLP and spirituality, and you have a delicious recipe for sustainable, enjoyable, exponential success. 

This is not about pushing, forcing, or driving forward. You’re already really great at those things. But it’s not about “going with the flow” all the time either, and taking yourself out of the game. This is the next level for you – it’s where you get to do it your way. The only truly sustainable way. 


It’s not a cookie-cutter “follow my lead” program either. There is no curriculum, because you are not a number. It’s real-time, paradigm-shifting, personalised, deep, transformational coaching, with similar people who have centred values and common objectives. There are only seven people in the salon – meaning, nowhere to hide, and exponential support. 

I am here to show you how to master the most important six inches of your life – the ones between your ears. 

The life you crave is so much closer than you think. 



You can have what you want without sacrificing your career. your health, your relationships, your freedom, or your sanity. 

Hayley was able to drill into the core of the problem and once identified was able to help me re-programme underlying limiting beliefs.

Michelle Hutchison, Sydney Australia

Our session the other day was amazing, I feel like I’m a different person already!!

Lyn Lind, London, United Kingdom

Nothing comes close to the shifts and growth I have experienced since I have been working with Hayley. We all read testimonials and, when you are sitting on the other side, think to yourself “This all sounds too good to be true; it’s all a bit too much. How can so much happen in such little time? How can one human being make such an impact on someone’s life?”

Well let me tell you this – Hayley is one upfront, no bullsh1t kinda lady! She will tell it to you straight, like no other person will ever tell you. She will help you unpack your baggage so it is right in front you and you can see it for what it really is. She will literally have you staring out on the edge of the cliff and at times even give you a little push so that you leap into the unknown. 

I thought I was living my truth, my dream life. I had pushed myself so hard to get to a place I thought was where I wanted to be. I was fatigued (adrenal actually), always overwhelmed, and sabotaging everything in my life (the man of my dreams, my business etc..). I was getting in my own way and drama was at the forefront of my life. Hayley gave it to me straight A LOT and through her light, kind and supporting ways, I soon gracefully found myself moving out of the drama into the gracious lightness that is life. 

My life is much the same, but also completely different. I chose to let go, and the magic is now streaming into life. I am now able to catch myself moving into the drama. I find I have become the observer of my life rather than the controlling A type personality that I was. I allow myself time to renew, refresh; and now, without the pushing, much more is coming into my life – the wealth that I have been longing for in my life – love, light, laughter, abundance and so much more. 

Deepest gratitude Hayley! 

Coraline Dufroux, Brisbane, Australia

The Fierce Salon

This is a six-month mentoring circle, hosted by me, in a small, intimate group of no more than seven people.

In six months, when you are focused, and accountable, and present, everything can change.

We’re going to get to the bones of what it takes to actually live at your fulfilled potential.

How to push, how to rest, how to pulse through your work and your day, how to remove the blocks to love and presence and your purpose that are laying dormant inside of you, how to shift your energy to create vibrant health, and how to open yourself to opportunities, money, and love. This means getting in touch with your desires, and keeping them front and centre.

It also means learning to be in action from your centre – not your head.

We can do all of this, because underneath all of it, is you.

At the core. Your alignment. Your resolve. Your beliefs. Your Emotions, Your stories.

Why did I create this?

I created this because I believe that the best use of me is to help other high achievers experience the freedom they deserve, so they can continue to make a difference, make an impact, make money & make their lives, and the lives of those they inspire, amazing.

The 12 Pillars of the Program:

These are the pillars which we will base our coaching upon over the six months. You might also like to call these “themes” or “Values”.

Each element will be discussed in detail, and workshopped, alongside the laser coaching for each individual that the salon is centred around. 

These Pillars are will give you a paradigm shift – changing the way you believe, perceive, receive and achieve. 

You will use these in every new venture for the rest of your life.

1. clairty, permission & Purpose

Know, and operate from, your purpose.  Craft a powerful vision and mission with clarity. Give yourself permission to uncover, clarify and declare what you have always actually wanted. (Not the second-tier, affordable or acceptable version) Escape the grind. Transcend Auto-pilot. You’ll transform into a woman on a mission in the unapologetic attainment of your true desires, fuelled naturally and sustainably by purpose.

2. Freedom

Clearing our any unresolved doubts, fears, insecurities or limiting beliefs that are subconsciously derailing you, making it unsafe up until now to claim what you want.

3. Genius

Find your natural Genius and operate from your centre – at last! You’ll experience unparalleled productivity in having a practise to take your from out out of your head, and into your heart, curiosity, and action. (Cue more money, health, and time). Harmonise your lifestyle by saying “yes” to living more, and bringing your whole self to the journey – making time for play and pleasure. Delegate & Outsource and give yourself permission to be supported while you step up to serve.

4. Conviction

Transforming your focus to fierce confidence. Develop the power consciousness of the worlds most inspiring athletes, performers and leaders. You’ll learn here what it takes to create a consciousness (not just a mindset) that supports, in every way, what you’re creating. One of flow, trust, support, and unwavering confidence. (And, you’ll know how to stay there). Activate your realm of possibility, solution and miracles, so you can have a “whatever it takes” attitude, without the stress or burnout.

5. Strategy

Develop a simple, repeatable, scaleable strategy to get exactly what you want – this time, and any. Experience the freedom in aligned structure and your deep commitment.

6. Skills

Uncover any skills you need to resource to bring your creativity to life, and work on them, with us, and in your own space. Develop the ability to make your decisions from a place of grounded, truthful clarity, and express yourself. Practise the art of getting into, and staying in, a realm of possibility, solutions, and expansiveness, to take your soaring through challenging times where many others would “take it as a sign to give in, or develop a fear of burning out – creating freedom forever, from the paradigm of stress and scarcity.

7. Resources & Resourcefulness

Wealth consciousness. Whatever it takes. Collaboration. Communication. Divine Intervention. Bring your whole self to the table, with up-levelled grace.

8. Energy

Uncover and enjoy more of what makes you feel alive, and remove what drains you. Develop mechanisms for understanding your energy on a moment to moment basis. Reveal all the hidden distractions in your world, and curb them. Understand alignment for yourself as an individual, and live from a deep space of focus, intention and desire. Remove the drama hooks from your experience of time so you can show up to your vision with joy, productivity and passion, no matter what.

9. Artistry

Gain deep, natural confidence in your ability to know yourself, trust yourself and back yourself in your next impossible goal. Design your whole life from peak performance palette of mindfulness – a beautiful mix of self care, ambition, individuality and fearlessness. High quality Minimalism and Streamlining create high grade, and high vibe living.

10. Leadership

Create a team around you that support and align with your vision. Find your unique style of Leadership. Lead yourself, with your whole self, and with heart.

11. Scale

Commit to your long term success. Create a ten year plan that fuels freedom and creativity to do more. Learn how to exponentially multiply your efforts, reserves (spiritual, financial, mental, emotional and physical) and create supported structure to take your life to levels beyond your conscious imagination.

12. Legacy

Make your mark. Explore and discover what your “end of time” vision for the world will be, and expand your thinking, creating, and collective consciousness to have a ripple effect on the world beyond our reach.

Here’s what’s included, and what we will do each month:

We will meet every week for 90 minutes of coaching and mentoring together, 3 weeks of the month, in an online circle (so you can be location independent) – for the next six months. That’s 18 high level mentoring sessions with me. All of these sessions will be recorded.
During our circle time together, you will receive laser individual coaching from me, you’ll also experience lessons and breakthroughs from observing and being present for your peers in this group. (Often the greatest insight is when someone asks a question you never thought to ask.) We will spend time moving through all the pillars and solidifying learnings and further insight in the calls.
Outside of our calls, you’ll have a seat in an intimate Facebook group with your peers. I will check in every day, and you will receive resources and laser coaching from me for the duration of our time together in there, as needed. This group is for you, me, and your six other peers only. These people will become your tribe, and this will be a safe place for you to grow.
One week of every month will be a self-coaching week. During this week, you will have full support through our Facebook group, and the freedom to practise what you are learning on your own. My aim here is that at the end of the six months, you have practised using what you know to think for yourself and be masterful at applying these pillars to your experience.
You will get to play a game with me, and your peers that goes for 90 days. In this game, you’re going to make huge proposals and get out of your comfort zone, get comfortable with failure, dance with stress, and make a lot of money.
You will report to me once a week via email, with everything that you’re working on, struggling with and ready for, and I will be there to help you, to believe in you, to hold you to your highest potential, and to serve you to make it happen.
You will receive individual feedback from me on your wins, challenges and what your desires are every week.
You will be supported with extra resources, materials and inspiring interviews on insights that will help you access a deeper level of consciousness and flow.
You will be supporting your peers in the group, and expected to show up 100% for them, as they will for you. This is a space of complete presence, and magic, connection and devotion to group success.
Also, Surprises. Because Surprises

I am forever in Hayley’s debt. Having been around seminars, speakers and Coaches for nearly two decades, I can promise you that Hayley is indeed unique. She has all the knowledge and skills as the top coaches I have seen. Beyond this however she has an incredible intuition to read people, which enables her to better lead people. This combined with a giving heart  -not just words, like so many others – because it sells, but a genuine care for others.

Anthony Ryan, England, United Kingdom

After just one session with Hayley my time management improved out of sight. Considering this was something I had struggled with since high school my new found skill allowed me to be better organised and prepared for the day ahead, bringing with it an improved working efficiency and a new found confidence.

Natalie Byrnes, Sydney, Australia

Hayley Carr is my go to girl. Whether I need to talk through a relationship dilemma, make a potentially life changing decision or just want to talk through a business idea. I know I can always rely on Hayley to help me talk through the issue, gain new perspective, understanding and map a plan of action forward. I should probably give you a heads up though.. if you choose to work with Hayley, you better be prepared to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Hayley is a pro bullshit detector and has called me out on my bullshit loads of times. That’s the whole purpose of a coach though, right? Someone who is going to keep you accountable and hold you to a higher standard.

Hayley’s enthusiasm for life is infectious – she is one of the most inspiring, charismatic and funniest people I know.
Whenever Hayley is around you can guarantee laughter, epiphanies and delicious conversation.

Laura Forbes, Sydney, Australia

What you will achieve:

You will…

Start Showing up Consistently, and Visibly to your goals.

Tap into your Natural Confidence

You will develop a “whatever it takes attitude” that doesn’t burn you out, but energises you.

Live, work and succeed from a state of Flow, lightness, and spaciousness.

Upgrade your Consciousness & Connection to true power.

Make the Money you Deserve – and use it well.

Gain Clarity on your Visions, Dreams and Goals, and Achieve them with Ease

Develop a Miracle Mindset & an ability to move through any block or challenge with ease

Communicate & Express yourself truthfully, & authentically

Find Your Voice and your Purpose

Drop Years of Baggage and Enjoy it! ( It doesn’t have to be hard or painful)

Experience a shift to an internal state of alignment and confidence.

Fall Completely in Love (First with your life, and manifest any love you choose)

Add Years to your life, and extra hours to your day

Become Confident in Sales, Negotiation, Time Management, Making Friends and Leadership for yourself and others.

Eliminate Your Comfort Zone for Good

Live Your Bucket List

Be Huge with your Ask, and Unapologetic about your Dreams and Choices.

Become the happiest you have ever been

Create space for yourself to think, to nurture, and to plan without pressure.

Become self-actualised. Know your true potential and reach it.

Make quick, bold Decisions from a place of fearlessness and Values.

Know yourself, trust yourself and back yourself to have the life you deserve

The salon begins on Thursday March 2nd, 2017.

There are seven seats in this salon.

The investment for 6 months Mentoring circle, and everything included above, is $5000 AUD
(Please note: Due to this being the first circle, this is the only time I will be doing the circle at this introductory rate!)


If you’re truly ready to ride the wave of your inspiration, step into a life of living your desires, seeing dream-come-true results, Be surrounded by – and support – peers who are on your level,

Book in to speak with me below.

(This button will take you to a page to book in a time to speak with Hayley personally, discover if this is a perfect fit for you, and enrol)


More of you can be the best of you – not the stressed of you. If you think there’s nowhere left to go with your energy, no time available to create what you want, no way of seeing HOW you can make your dreams happen, and never enough money to quite do the things you REALLY want to do, I invite you to follow your yearning to be a part of something paradigm shifting.

My coaching is not for everyone.

I will not allow you to buy into your own stories, and I will show you what it feels like to be deeply heard, loved, and listened to, and to have a community of peers who have got your back.

I am so excited to get started very soon, with seven people.

If you have any questions, book in to speak with me.

Bonus for Action Takers!

Sign up to join us before Thursday the 23rd February, and you will receive a glittering, supportive and FIERCE Bonus:

My Leadership Pack,


– My never before released Meditation program for leaders, lightworkers and high achievers. 

– My Never Before Relased Self-Programming audio album for peak performance and confidence. 

And, The Little Black Notebook:  My top secret library of templates, and tools you can instantly use to track your progress, measure your outcomes, master your time, and scale your output. Useable, beautiful, and helpful. 

She doesn’t shy away from a smackdown when you need it, but she delivers it with love, presence and unconditional support.

Vanessa Millar, Perth Australia

I know it’s still early days but I can actually (finally) feel those plates shifting underneath me. I can feel it in myself. A tad scared… hell yes! Going to keep going anyway.. you betcha!

I really wanted to thankyou – you’re truly amazing and i am so so honoured and feel out of this world blessed to have you in my life to coach, mentor and guide me. Thanks for being that person for me. Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks for being YOU!!!

Jo Kendall

I have wanted to write this email for a while.
Thanks to your brilliant teachings, in the last 6 months I have moved jobs almost doubling my salary in the process, finished my Masters degree, moved into a huge penthouse, turned 30 with grace and love, upped the ante with exercise, cut off a toxic friend.
The best things I got from you were:
-its all about the bother. I visualised the shit out of an Employment Letter of Offer.
-Write 100 reasons why you want it. Makes it hard to turn away from all those reasons!
-Vision boards, but also vision songs, articles, blogs, quotes.
-Self love. Constant and unrelenting self love. Forgiveness of self and of others.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a few things that are a total shamble in my life… but I now have complete confidence that if I choose to sort it out, it WILL happen. It’s the choice that gets me excited!
Thanks a mil.

Elise Watson, Sydney Australia

Your presence is seriously amazing. I felt so calm, at ease, and HEARD while I was with you. I love being in the presence of someone who seems so comfortable with themselves – just a really genuine, lovely person sitting in front of me, no BS, just being themselves. You ARE different from what I have been surrounded by for so long (give or take a few gems) in the corporate world, and I love it. And I know you shared with my some of your pain, and I felt it and I so wanted to try and hug it all out of you, but the thing that really stood out to me was that even when talking about all that, you exuded calm and grace.

Jaclyn Taylor

I loved how safe I felt with you — that I could share anything and just say random shit and it was okay. I suppose I would just like you to know how much you’ve helped me. Your voice is definitely one that pops into my head when I’m trying to work through something, when I feel like I need to level up in terms of whatever I’m dealing with.

I am so grateful that I could myself the gift of you, that I listened to the little voice that made me sign up for your newsletter and eventually reach out to sign up for a breakthrough session with you. I’ve had a bad experience with a so-called “life coach” before and although I was a little hesitant, somehow I knew we’d vibe. And I was right because your kind, gentle straight talk and your sense of humour was the perfect mix to guide me through the breakthrough and all the shit that came up afterwards. You gave me practical examples which made my left brain happy and you brought enough woo/magic/creative language to please my right brain. Thank you Hayley for being my guide during this time. I will always be grateful to you.

And I’ll send you a copy of my book when I self-publish it. 🙂 Because I know I’ll get it done and you’ve played a part in keeping me on track.

Thank you x 40,000

Tracy Ashworth - Australia (Currently wandering the world)

The Fierce Mentoring Program will shift the way you perceive, believe, receive, and achieve.

Join me for six months and experience the life you are holding back on living.

Book in below to speak with me about enrolment.