How Can I have what I want…

without giving up everything I’ve got right now?



This is the question I get asked the most in my coaching practise. In fact, that’s probably the question you’re asking yourself right now.


I work with a lot of high performers.


But often when I meet them, they don’t feel like high performers – because they’re underperforming, feeling lazy, or stuck. 

Somewhere along the line, unconsciously, they learned that in order to get to the next level, or, to fulfil their potential, and really truly get what they want, they had to give up everything they have right now

And that feels impossible. Like, “No way I wanna do that! I worked hard to get here!”


But if moving forward means giving everything up, and that’s not an option, then staying where you are is the only answer, right? Just settling and being grateful for what you have… right?


And here is where it gets painful. Because staying put feels suffocating when you know you’re not reaching your potential.


Can you Relate?


Maybe you’re feeling right now like, in order to take your career to the next level, you have to give up the extra time you have with your family, or yourself.


Or to welcome love and family into your life, you have to give up the career you’ve built altogether!

Or to reach the next level of success, you have to try harder. Just put a little more effort in


Or maybe it’s a case of feeling like you just don’t have it in you to work any harder.


I’ll use myself as an example here:

I used to believe that if I grew my business any more, it was going to mean “putting in more effort”.… and if I put in any more effort… If I spent my spare time thinking about business any more than I did… if I gave it any more energy than I was already, spent more time “working hard” I was going to burn out. I couldn’t possibly put in any more effort, or grow my business, without evidently, burning out.


Don’t get me wrong, I had already reached a position in business I was quite happy with. I had travelled the world teaching workshops, and clients flow in through referrals, I was even taking clients on private retreats to exotic locations around the world, and pinching myself!


Other people said to me, “You’re inspiring! You’re an entrepreneur I look up to!”

But secretly, on the inside, I felt horribly lazy. I knew I was holding back. Getting in my own way, and definitely NOT fulfilling my desires, or my potential


But taking it to the next level felt like so much… effort. I had to put more in, to get more out


So unconsciously, I kept my business at the same level for years


It’s easy to see why in writing, here though, right? If growing my business meant burning out, of COURSE I wouldn’t grow it – that seems silly! It was self-preservation in action!

If you feel me on this, I don’t blame you.

And, I’m here to show you the way out, without giving everything up, and without burning out.

In fact, I’m going to show you how you can achieve your own “impossible” dreams, in a way that feels, dare I say, easy, and fun.

This is what you’re going to learn about depth, when you come to my live workshop, Play Bigger, Feel Better. 





  1. 1. The Incremental Way

Otherwise known as, “The hard way”.

Working through your life “incrementally” looks like:

  • Showing up consistently every day no matter how you feel, (because you “have to”, or it won’t get done)
  • Taking “massive action”
  • Putting in “lots of effort”
  • Looking at where you are right now, making a ten-step, 90-Day plan and following the plan to “execution” (without checking in for shortcuts “because shortcuts are lazy”)
  • Hoping your plan leads to an end result you like, and nothing goes wrong or you won’t reach your goal in time.
  • Being afraid to fail and never getting there
  • Needing to meditate every day to to deal with your anxiety and get to sleep.
  • “Working hard”
  • Seeing small changes and having small wins over time, just enough to keep you “hangin’ in there”, but never quite enough to feel like you’re making it.

This is how you were probably taught to “be successful”. There’s even evidence that supports working hard, and pushing yourself to be really healthy for you! I bet the people you look up to have amazing “systems” they share. 

In fact it’d just be weird to do anything else. 

And I agree. To an extent. 

But if you’re in the “rat-race”, no matter whether you’re working hard to get out of it or not, you’re still a rat. (well, acting like one, anyway) 

There’s another way to do things that you won’t hear about all too often. 

It defies success-and-productivity-gravity. 

It breaks all the rules. In fact, it’s so hidden from view that it almost feels like you’re completely turning your back on your goals when you do it. 




Before I tell you what it is, I want to delve a little deeper into… well, you.

You’re really going to resonate with this second way if you’re like me – and the people I work with.

We’re sensitive souls.

In fact, in psychology, it’s known as a Highly Sensitive Person. (or a HSP)

Not sensitive like, you can’t hack joke and are allergic to everything…

Just able to process things quite deeply. Maybe you’ve never even noticed this about yourself, because it’s always just felt normal.

It’s like being able to read when a friend is upset, even when to everyone else, she looks fine.

You notice subtleties. You feel things – highs and low’s – more deeply, and with  more complexity than others.

You sometimes get overstimulated, or, overwhelmed, and it spirals out of control until you’re wired and tired – but also, when you’re relaxed, you’re like a walking bliss-bomb.

You’re creative, intuitive, and get a kick out of deep conversation, than being social for socials sake. More of the “read a book at a cafe” type than the “shop all day then go to a party” type.

You take in a lot of information, and read things like Gary V’s work and think, “How am I ever going to do that?!” It just overwhelms you, and makes you feel like you’re not enough, and you’ll never “make it”.

You do a lot to fit in with how you’ve been taught the world works, but a part of you just feels wrong, and different – like you’re missing something all the time. You secretly hope each year that things will be different, but you don’t know how.

If this is you, or, sometimes you just wish it was… take a deep breath… and read on..


You my friend, fit into a very special, but  still quite large category of people, (20% of humans) who are actually not DESIGNED to do things the hard (incremental) way. You’re designed to be a leader – in a very beautiful way of existence.

I bet you’ve never considered you’re not only allowed to, but designed to do things a better way!

Because being sensitive can often make you feel inherently wrong. Different. Like you never quite fit in your whole life… but you don’t know why.

That’s because what’s out there teaching us about success, productivity, and life, is designed for the other 80% of humans who are natural warriors. Not that they’re insensitive, just not designed the same way!

Rejoice! I’m so glad you’re here. You’re in the right place. I’m going to show you how to hone in on this newfound strength, and totally rock your own world.

You’re going to find what I’m about to show you next, one of the biggest breakthroughs of your life.

Because you are designed to do things the exponential way.

A way that has not been taught as normal, or even reality.

And when you do, you’ll finally give yourself permission to live in a way that feels good to you — and everything will work its way around that. You’ll not only hit the next level – you’ll walk through it. With ease. (Ease is a big part of exponential living).

2. The Exponential Way. 


Otherwise known as “the easy way” – or, if that triggers you, it’s more accurately described as “the path of least resistance” or, “being in flow”

I know your warrior friends will think this is crazy talk. 


A part of you might even be thinking this is crazy too. Because its the complete opposite to the Incremental way, and sounds totally counter-intuitive. It’s likely it resonates, but it sounds so far from what you know, you’ll wonder if its even possible to have this much fun… 


But thats why it’s the only thing that really works for growth. 

The exponential way, looks like this:

  • Being always present, and mindful. No fear, or anxiety, or anger – because they’re all “time-travel” states that take you away from your power. 
  • Following what you feel called to do in each moment, not what you “have to” or “should” do.
  • No rate-race. No “race” at all. Natural, easy, joyful, energising growth. No comparison. 
  • A To-Do list? No such thing. It all just happens. 
  • Having a one-line business plan, or life purpose and mission, not a 200-page long document. 
  • Making rest, joy, time in nature, movement, and holidays a part of your non-negotiable life & business plan. 
  • Taking tinier action steps than you’ve ever taken
  • Expanding your thinking and feeling to match where you’re going, bigger than ever.
  • Trusting your gut over anything else 
  • Knowing when to pulse forward, and when to hang back and enjoy stillness. 
  • Making moves one phase at a time, with only an end vision, and no in-between steps. Because you’re open to fast-tracking, ease, and shortcuts that feel good. Not following a plan that was made up before you started. 
  • Trusting in timing
  • Clearing all your emotional and neural pathways and living highly conscious of your energy. 
  • Being kind to yourself, and designing your life and work around YOU. 
  • Living in flow. Having beliefs that back up life always heading where you desire
  • Speaking your dreams into reality. 
  • Using your goals as a place to “come from” not a place to “get to” and skipping steps to get there. 
  • Having a strategy that comes from you, not a book, or anyone else. 
  • Being open to everything happening right now, and being unattached to when it actually does. 
  • Saying YES to anything that lights you up, and never again risking a life unfulfilled. 
  • More delicious self care than you knew was possible. 
  • Having a vision, and being unshakeably devoted to it. 
  • Doing what is within your power, letting go of what you can’t control. 
  • Slowing down
  • Spaciousness
  • Following joy
  • Quantum leaps. 

Sound ok to you? 


“Joy is a Decision. A really, really brave one – about how you are going to respond to life”.

I love exponential living because it’s backed by science.

Quantum Physics has proven in so many studies that what we think, we become.

But my favourite part about exponential living is how sustainable it is.

If you think incremental living is going to get you somewhere new, or that eventually, you’ll change your life, you’re going to end up very, very tired.

Hi, I’m Hayley Carr.

Most people don’t know, but for the last 10 years I’ve made exponential living and quantum leaps my life’s research, and work, and myself, and my clients, cute little experimental guinea-pigs of this work.

It all started for me, with martial arts. That was my “gateway drug” to exponential growth.

In 2005 I won my first open weight, black belt karate world title. Through raw effort. It wasn’t the first world title I had won, but it was the first open weight black-belt title.

After winning, I became fascinated with the difference between someone who has a winners mindset, and someone who has a “second-place” mindset. Because I beat some of the best fighters I had ever known – before we even entered the ring.

They’re two completely different people.

So I studied. I studied with some of the worlds best teachers, in life-coaching, health & business coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), spirituality, exponential success, Healing, mindfulness, and hypnosis.

It seemed like the complete OPPOSITE of what I had been taught my whole life to do.

Slowing down?

Letting go of my plans?

Trusting in what FEELS good? I mean, come on!

But I’m so grateful I was curious, and ever so slightly open.

Because the way I was operating wasn’t working for me.

During the 8 years after that day, using martial arts as my dance-floor, and my ongoing quantum learning as the music, I became the dancer, experimenting moving with a different kind of rhythm.

And it was clunky, and weird, at first – I had a lot of challenges.

For example: I got sick – for almost 3 years – with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I finally burned out from pushing myself so hard.

Doctors told me I would NEVER heal.

But I saw it as an opportunity to practise what was learning about Quantum physics, healing, and the power of surrender and flow in every way through my experiences, and I came out all for the better.

I did heal. Not only that, I healed, and then came back to my martial arts to win another word title. And I tell you, the final time, it was easier than ever.

Here are some other cool things that have happened since learning to get into flow:

  • 9 World Championship Karate titles. 
  • Travelling around the world solo, growing a business from my laptop and teaching in different countries
  • Healing my body from almost 3 years in bed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (yes, heal!)
  • Setting up my life in one of the most beautiful places to live in Australia, by myself.
  • Falling in love with someone I would never ever had met had I not trusted in what I know.
  • And then leaving the place I thought I was going to live forever, to travel across the country for love. (Calling in love is one of the major things I end up teaching my high performing clients)
  • And growing a business that defies logic – almost solely through word of mouth, invitation, and referral. One which I work in full time, and allows me to travel the world, or not (I get to choose) and work with the most inspiring people I have ever met from around the globe.

What I know for sure, is that the incremental way is designed to make you slow, tired, and sick.

Each lesson, each experience, each opportunity has given me the space to ask, “what else feels impossible?” with myself, my clients, and my students.. and then, go and do it.

My clients have become World Champions in their sport (multiple times over now, using the tools I have taught them), hit crazy-awesome levels in their network marketing businesses while taking more time out and having more fun than ever, manifested the love of their lives, paid off debts, lost the weight, called in promotions and pay rises (even when it was announced: No pay-rises!) and made powerful requests in business that have led them to million-dollar opportunities.

Many of these people didn’t feel like high performers when we first started working together. They felt stressed out, anxious, burned out, and overwhelmed at the mountain pile of “stuff” they thought they had to do, just to get through the day and keep up.

Its not the only way.

I’m going to teach you a new way to play.

A way of living that makes you feel even better, while you play even bigger.

Play Bigger, Feel Better.

Be spontaneous. Let yourself live a life of Joy. Reach levels of success you didn’t even know were possible, and have it feel like your normal everyday.

This is the game we’re playing.

You are invited.

Come and spend 2 days with me in Byron Bay this August 26/27th. I’ll teach you how to start living, and succeeding, with ease. .

Imagine this:

You spend the early morning walking up the lighthouse or surfing, or swimming with dolphins in one of the most pristine and magical beaches in the world. Or y’know, laying around doing absolutely nothing.

You grab some breakfast, a cuppa, and lunch to go, and you are ready to learn.

You take a short drive to arrive at a beautiful little house, complete with a gorgeous interior, and a pool, greeted with a hug, to meet a small tribe of other like-minded, like-hearted folk. It feels like you’ve stepped into another little dimension, Something top secret and ultra beautiful.

You have.


You kick your shoes off, grab your notebook, make yourself comfortable, and spend the morning completely opening up your world.

Lunch is for heading out to a local cafe, or dangling your feet in the pool and connecting with everyone. There’s plenty of time. 

The afternoon, is for more mind-blowing goodness, and hearing how the simplicity of being in flow applies to every single person in the room – including yourself.

In the afternoon when we finish, there’s time for you to go for another swim, or say goodbye and head out for a cocktail, dinner, a movie, or again, y’know.. nothing at all…

And the next day, you come back, and we go even deeper.

You’ll have time to integrate what you’re learning, ask any question you have, and best of all, you’ll understand what you’re learning at 10X speed- because you’ll learn from the coaching others get, about things you didn’t even think to ask.

In this 2 day workshop, I’m going to share with you how YOU can create a life that feels exponential. Spacious. Like you’re actually living the way you want to live. No more waiting for permission, and no more waiting for “someday”. There’s no such thing. It’s an incremental lie.

I’m going to share with you everything you need to know to get to YOUR next level, and beyond, without having to push further try harder and give up some (or all) of what you’ve worked for right now.

I’ll do this by showing you not only through how I’ve broken it down, but through personal, 1:1 coaching with me.

In a group setting we will mastermind your exact situation, and you’ll receive coaching from me personally.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A VISION that lights you up. Finally, clarity.
  • A MINDSET free of limitations, and blocks. And full of tools for future use.
  • A STRATEGY. Specific to YOU. (Because you are not a number, a duplicated system, or a diagram)
  • An ENERGY adjustment to have you operating from  where you know for you, is sustainable, and fun. This means hell yes, or no. It means boundaries. And it means “coming-from”  not “getting to” your goals.
  • A FLOW map. Mindsets, resources, and methods to shift from fear, to flow, to fierce, in a matter of moments. This is where the Quantum Science and more metaphysical stuff starts to leap through.


Plus, a group of new, highly engaged friends who are all about slowing down to speed up, and having way more fun. 

Your Total Investment?

$499 AUD

Get ready for one of the most powerful, and soul-serving weekends of your life.

For less than what I charge for one hour of my time 1:1.

Note: Price does not include accomodation or meals. You can stay wherever you like! (More details once you are registered, 

Payment Plan available.

All the venue details will be sent to you once you have booked your ticket.
Note: Price does not include accomodation or meals. You can stay wherever you like! (More details once you are registered, 

If you are curious, and ready to make a bold step

To find what feels impossible for you, and make it happen…

Or, to create your NEXT impossible with MORE FUN than you can imagine…

To do something out of the ordinary, and attend a workshop that teaches you how to live and succeed in a way that GIVES you energy…

and to find a way to APPLY it that works specifically for YOU…

Come and sit with me in a coaching circle at

Play Bigger, Feel Better.

August 26th & 27th 2017,

Byron Bay, Australia

Payment plans are available. All details will be sent to you once you register. 



I can’t wait to see you there.

Any questions? 

Email me at

Love, Hayley x x